Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Great Quote on Balance in Life and 'Social Contracts' by partisannomore

Photo by Jacklyn Waronek

I'm not sure of the origin of this quote by partisannomore.  It seems to be a post in response to an article, another post or a comment on "Free market economics."  It most likely is Canadian as the name O' Leary (Kevin O' Leary) is mentioned?  For what it's worth, the author made a great point when it comes to the social economic responsibility of a successful society. And you can apply this ideology to so many things in life.


" "Free market economics." Whoever coined that phrase was ignoring another phrases: "Nothing in life is ever free. Someone always pays a price."

Those with a wealth mentality, don't care that gas prices are going up - they're investing in oil companies. They are concerned with making, saving, hiding and multiplying money. Nothing else matters, says O'Leary.

Well their wealth has to come from someone and that's the rest of us. Or trees.

It seems there are some posters who revere the wealthy and insist that getting there any way you can is just fine. The end justifies the means.

Then there are some posters who believe everything should be shared, that no one has the right to "hog" money, power and "stuff" at the expense of others. The end justifies the means.

And then there's the majority of us. We don't object to wealth as long as it's come by with a degree of honesty or with minimal damage. Taxes are what makes the playing field somewhat more level because, after all, we support the wealthy by buying their "stuff" and they support us by hiring us. As long as there is a comfortable balance, we are sometimes content with our lot in life.

When things get out of whack we notice and object. We get to a place in life where we can live is some comfort and the wealthy want to give our jobs to someone overseas or the wealthy want to cut our wages....just be be more wealthy! Nope, that's a deal breaker.

EI cheats are also deal breakers - we all pay into a system in case we or others need help. As long as we all refrain from taking advantage of each other, we can live together and acknowledge our unique roles and contributions.

Unions are good but not greedy unions. Capitalism is good but not greedy capitalists. Its called a social contract.

- partisannomore"