Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Recipe Fail

So have you ever taken that test in grade 4 or 5 that tested you on how to take a test?  You know the one that tells you to read through the questions thoroughly before beginning?  The one where you decided to not follow that first instruction to read through the questions thoroughly and you realize that, after standing up and singing your ABC’s, counting backwards from 100 to 1 out loud and running to the chalkboard to write your name on it, the last question of the exam tells you to put your pencil down and instructs you to not even take the test?  Yes, you know, that test that exposed you as a dumb ass?

Well I, once again, failed at that same test, only in recipe form.

I was attempting to make a chocolate-hazelnut cheesecake brownie from a magazine for a dessert for a special dinner.  It’s a great recipe but the ingredients are listed so that if you didn’t read through the instructions thoroughly first, you wouldn’t know that some of the ingredient’s needed to be divided up before beginning.

Instead of 2 full cups of sugar in the bottom layer, I should have only added one.

Instead of 2 cups of flour for the same, I should have only added 1 ¼.

I tried to extend the baking time to allow the bottom layer to bake through but the top layer was beginning to dry out.  Fail.

I just thank god my son loves ooey, gooey desserts and doesn’t know a recipe fail when he sees one.

Note to self - read through the instructions thoroughly!

Thanks, Ms. Zikman!