Monday, March 24, 2014

Pickled Eggs - The Results!

The results are in...

Pickled eggs are awesome!

Back on March 2, I had tossed a dozen or so hard-boiled eggs into a jar with some vinegar, salt and seasoning, just because I had never experienced pickled eggs before and I wanted to try them.

Now I know they are tasty and tangy; they take on the garlic and red pepper aroma and would be a great complement or addition to:

  • potato salad
  • a pickle plate
  • pasta salad
  • combined with regular hard boiled eggs and mayo for a tangy egg salad sandwich
  • as a side for breakfast with ham or bacon and toast
  • a corned beef, ham or chicken sandwich, sliced as a topping  
  • a crackers and cheese plate 
Check out the March 2, 2014 post to find out how to pickle a jar of eggs yourself.